A six-month road trip , no responsibilities and everything to fear

My road trip across Europe started a few months ago but this is the first time I’ve had the courage to write about it. Why courage? Because I claim to love writing but like most people I am scared to put pen to paper – digits to keyboard. So I decided to start today and see how far I can get before hating everything I write.

My husband and I had a plan. Before we got married, we decided that after the wedding we would take six months off to go traveling in Europe. I am from Brazil and he is Australian, so Europe was the perfect destination. We would drive our 2001 Nissan Micra from London to the tip of Italy – Sicily, via France.

We left our terraced house in London on the last day of August, before sunrise and made our way to Dover. To say I was excited would have been an overstatement. We spent the previous night getting the house ready for the new tenants. When we tried to pack our minuscule car with six months worth of supplies, including an Ikea box full of hardback books. Because who needs a Kindle or paperback? Nothing would fit. I was stressed and freaking out and I had no idea what six months on the road would amount to.

I’m not sure what I hope for this blog. In my head, it was supposed to be a fun account of France and Italy. Travel tips, foodie advice, what to pack lists. But, the more I think about this trip the more this blog becomes┬áthe chronicles of someone who’s trying to figure out her voice (cliche me to death). Plus really good travel and foodie advice.

In hindsight

Okay, so this is where the self-loathing kicks in and where the itch to delete all starts to set in. I feel like this first post is all over the place. Somewhat like me before leaving London. With no idea of what to expect from the road.

Let me skip right to the end. As messy and complicated as everything sounds right now, I can promise that going on this road trip was the best decision I could have made, even if I don’t know it right now.


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